Tips by Country

The do's & dont's when driving abroad

Using a hire car or van and traveling to Europe? Please take a look at some of our helpful tips, the Do's & the Don't's we have compiled.


high acciddent rate, complex regulations

As you might expect in the home country of European bureaucracy, driving in Belgium can be a nightmare of complex regulations and expensive fines.You only have to look at the number of bumps and scratches on Belgian cars to realize that accidents happen all too often. Belgians are often lazy in...

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‘priority to the right’ and toll roads

Traveling by car in France definitely has it's pro's and con's from long stretching motorways to toll road confusion. That is why it is best to plan ahead. We have put a guide together for you below so you can make sure that you stay legal whiles driving in France. IMPORTANT: The...

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cooperative drivers, great roads

Driving in Germany does indeed offer an amazing variety and a marvelous road network and can be a rewarding experience. Driving in Germany is said to be a pleasure as the roads are in excellent condition and the drivers are generally well trained and cooperative. One of the main...

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Notoriously Crazy

Driving in Italy might be notoriously crazy, but if you're brave enough, it can also be a wonderful adventure. The cities are a bit of a white knuckle ride whiles out in the county the pace slackens somewhat. Street names barely exists in cities and if they do they are engraved into the...

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assertive drivers, beware cyclist, trams

Generally drivers in Holland are considered to be ‘assertive’ drivers so you may be surprised at their apparent lack of driver courtesy. You will also need to be assertive when driving. Whilst in cities it is a common view that the car is not King; generally the pecking...

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Chaotic and unruly

Chaotic and unruly has been used to describe the driving in Portugal, that said it has improved in recent years. The use of indicators has never really caught on in Portugal so by all means use them as you would normally, just don’t expect anyone else to. Drivers will often stop in the middle...

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generally very easy

Driving in Spain is generally very easy but you do need to be aware of certain travel requirements and basic information, particularly when driving. There tends to be little congestion on the roads but Major cities such as Barcelona require you to have your wits about you. For a link to advice...

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Motorway “Vignette

Motorway “Vignette”: The use of the motorways (freeways and highways) with motorized vehicles is only permissible when paid for in Switzerland with the Vignette. On the Grand Tour motorways are only used when preferable in terms of traffic and route. Switzerland has a...

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